Candles. How many people have got a scented one at home? Please raise your hands.
Right, how about those ones that crackle? I love those ones. Okay, and…oh god. Did you? Did I? Whelp I’ve knocked the candle all over the floor and the melted wax is everywhere!

No panicking! It’ll be fine, just do what I did and go to the internet. You’re already here? Well then get ready and we’ll get through this together.

Stuff you need to grab:

  • A butterknife
  • A pair of scissors
  • A damp towel (a tea-towel from the kitchen will do)
  • An iron
  • A spoon (something to scrub with)
  • Carpet cleaner

First, get rid of the biggest parts of wax from the surface. This is simple. Grab the butterknife from the kitchen and scrape the top layer of wax off. This will make the rest a lot easier. Although, it may make that patch on the carpet a little fuzzy. A simple solution, get a pair of scissors and lay them flat on the carpet. Press down slightly, careful not to create a dent in your lovely floor and snip it off. If you really want, you can also the vacuum on that baby.

Now! Dampen the cloth and apply heat. A lot of sites suggest a brown paper babe, but this is too thin and can burn the floor. (And we don’t need that!) So dampen a cloth/tea-towel – whatever takes your fancy – and fold it in half, placing it over the waxy area. Then, set the iron to a high heat and set it on the towel for 10 seconds. This will lure the wax onto the towel instead of the carpet. You might need to repeat this bit until the wax is all gone. Sometimes you might need to hold the iron for a little longer, but no more than 30 seconds at a time. You might also need to dampen the cloth again if it gets dry and another one if it becomes loaded with wax – so don’t use your favourite pretty one.

Finally, scrub that stain, baby! Now grab the carpet cleaner and spread it on that sucker! Use the spoon to scrub it in and dab it with a towel. Then you let it air-dry and hey presto! Your carpet is wax free! With light carpets or darker wax you might have to do this a couple times, but it’ll be worth it.

Hopefully this has been a helpful little guide to prevent a panicky situation. Because oh-boy did I freak out when I did it? Lesson learned. Don’t leave candles on the floor when your Scottish nan has had one too many and is swaying on her feet.

Until the next time,

Have fun surviving the end of the world.